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Here are just a few of the many testimonials we receive on a regular basis. If you would like to read more, please visit our Yellow Pages listing. If you have worked with us before please feel free to leave us your comments. We would love to hear from you!

All Seasons is the BEST in the business! John and the guys are friendly and did a thorough job. Our property looked fantastic when they completed the job. Thank you All Seasons!!
Ronald S. 06/15/2015

John and his crew, as well as Patty, are amazing! This has been the best experience my husband and I have had in some time when hiring a professional. My husband is rarely thoroughly impressed with anyone's work, but All Seasons Tree Care changed that for us. They came out, looked at our 2 (huge/50+ years old) spruce trees and gave us a prompt and reasonable quote. To our delight, they came several weeks earlier.
Lucy S.

They were terrific. Went beyond expextations. Were friendly,knowledgable,fast,professional. From the time they came (even took some branches my husband had cut down the day before) until the total clean up afterwards,I was in awe. Can't say enough about this company and the service we received.Thanks again for an experience that is hard to find in companies today. Would reccommend this company for anyone wanting the kind of service "that used to be". Thanks again.
Debbie Fotta

Had the pleasure of doing business with All Seasons Tree care. The work was done just as it was discribed to me and John & his crew cleaned up their work as if it never happened. Happy with the level of work and customer care. Will be doing business with these folks again.
TonyBar 08/28/2013

Great service and excellent customer care. They did an excellent job of topping off my arborvitaes going across the back of my property. All the branches were cleared and removed from the worksite. Great work at a great price. They will always have my business.
PCK2003 08/25/2013

When All Seasons Tree Care removed trees from my mom's property, they did an excellent job. They completed the work ahead of schedule, they billed according to the estimate--there were no surprises. The job was well done according to city specs. I would recommend them to neighbors and friends. Sylvia A. Paz
sapyell08 07/26/2013

All Seasons Tree Care is the best. I called them and they did excellent job without any problem. They are professionals. THANK YOU PATTY...
nilaysah 06/17/2013

Great service, cut down a huge locust tree in the rain under short notice and gave the best price out of 3 different estimates. Great company! Will be using them in the future. Thanks!
DerekDLP 05/30/2013

I have to say that All Seasons is THE BEST company I have ever had do a project for me! Patty and John are gems! They both came out to see the property. They gave me an accurate estimate and a better estimate than 3 others. Patty was in contact the entire time letting me know when they will come out. John showed up with his crew on time and ready to work. I left for work and came home to a treeless yard. I couldn't even find a pine cone left in the yard. It was cleaned up impeccably! My hats off to Patty and John! They run an honest, organized and efficient business which is rare in this day and age. I hope to have them back in the fall to do the rest of the trees in my yard!
PattyBCoplay 05/22/2013

All Seasons did a great job. I like that I call them and someone answers the phone. John did a beautiful job on my trees. They arrive when they say they will and do all the work they are hired to do. Don't hesitate to hire this company, All Seasons Tree Care, they do a professional job at a reasonable price.

We had two 70 foot poplar trees that had to be removed. One was forked, and was leaning over the street. The other was also forked, with one part leaning toward the house. We also needed the two stumps ground plus another stump from a tree we lost in Sandy. I went to the yellow pages, found All Seasons Tree Care, and read their reviews. I was impressed. I called and made an appointment for an estimate. John and his wife Patty showed up for an estimate. After five minutes we were talking as if we knew each other for twenty years, they're that warm and outgoing. A few days later we got the estimate and were pleasantly surprised at the price. We were not in a hurry to get it done, so we told them any time's good, just give us a day notification. A week or two later Patty called and we set it up for the next day. John and his crew showed up on time with well maintained equipment. I was impressed when John got his guys together and came up with a plan of attack. Everyone knew the sequence of dropping the trees and what their responsibilities were. John even went as far as to tell them when they would move the truck for better access to the chipper. I was impressed with the efficiency and speed with which the work was performed. There was no wasted time and no one was standing around leaning on a shovel. Grinding the stumps is a very messy procedure, especially when one stump is lying on its side and surrounded by 20 inches of upturned dirt. John not only ground the stumps, but actually ground the dirt down so that it would be easier for me to level the lawn and reseed. When they did the final clean up, it blew my mind. I say "final" because they clean as they go, so there's no huge mess at the end. The final clean up is raking up everything that's rakeable and then actually blowing any wood chips off the grass. All Seasons is strange in one way: they will do just about anything to please a customer. That's strange because nowadays it's so rare to find a contractor who takes pride in their work, charges reasonable rates, and wants the customer to be happy and satisfied. I rated All Seasons Tree Care with five stars. I wish it could be more!
TwoHappySeniors 05/03/2013

All seasons is So convenient I didn't even have to be home. And they were very polite.
krisdeed 05/03/2013

All Seasons did a marvelous job. From the first phone call to the work done and then to a follow-up to ensure that all was done to my satisfaction, All Seasons Tree Care was professional and highly satisfactory.
MostSatisfied 05/02/2013

When you need something done, this is the company to do it! With a street tree, trimming can get complicated. All Seasons Tree Service made it simple. The job was superb. Exactly what I wanted. The best part? There are two: A PERSON speaks to you! They show up! For tree service, they are at the top of my list.
SaraLR 03/06/2013

Hurricane Sandy left me with a 100 year old cherry tree resting precariously on my barn roof. All Seasons showed up promptly to provide a quote and to lay out the process for removing this huge tree without further damaging my barn. The work was performed within the timeframe I was given and removal was done with great care to avoid more damage to the barn and surrounding buildings. All Seasons also did this work at a very fair price, despite the need to bring in a crane to complete the work. All Seasons clearly demonstrated that they valued my business and that their goal was to provide a great customer experience. I's recommend All Seasons to anyone with a tree problem.
dunderkoffler 01/11/2013

It's a pity that I can only enter 5 stars for this rating - they certainly deserve more! What a terrific business this is!!! I called them at 11:20 PM the night that Hurricane Sandy dropped a tree on our house and received a call back at 7:00 AM the next morning. Patty was extremely supportive and helpful and John came out to check out the damage the same day. I was very impressed that he was taking the time to triage the work that needed to be done as the result of the storm, prioritizing removal of trees on homes and those creating other dangerous situations, then those on cars, then ones just on the ground without causing damage. Their prices were very reasonable and ethical - no taking advantage of people in dire need by raising their usual fees to increase profit like some other companies did during the storm cleanup. Clearly, these folks were more interesting in doing the right thing than in just in making money. When John and his crew removed the tree which fell at the front of the house and extended all the way to the rear of our ranch home, they did so without a crane. When they returned to complete the cleanup, they not only hauled away the downed tree (and ones from previous storms), but also accommodated my request for a few specially pieces cut to be used for furniture or art projects. I could not be more impressed with Patty's customer service savvy, John's knowledge of trees, his expertise in tree removal, the efficient and thorough clean-up service, and the ethical manner in which they conduct their business. I will not hesitate to use this company again for future work - hopefully to thin any possible fallers before the next storm! I highly recommend them.
terri.trigiani 01/09/2013

THE BEST!! John and Patty are terrific. They have done tree work for us 3 times, and the work has been exceptionally good each and every time. They also came to our rescue after Hurricane Sandy--we had a nightmare tree situation and they handled it beautifully. Unlike some of the other estimates we got, they kept to their regular prices. Ethical and nice. Honest, reliable and great at their work. We would never use any other service. They ROCK!!
MandAinEaston 11/16/2012

All Seasons Tree Care provides extraordinary service. They have the ability to climb safely into the tallest trees, remove dangerous limbs, and to link twin trunks together with cable to lessen the possibility that one side might split off and fall into a dwelling. I highly recommend this team. They are first-class!!! They just returned at my invitation to do more work and again the result was stellar. This is the team to use for tree care!
aphilpotts 09/27/2012

I highly recommend All Seasons. They not only did a fantastic job of trimming our tree, but they cleaned up so well I didn't even know they were there until I looked up! They returned phone calls promptly; and when they came to look at our tree John and Patti were very personable. They were very knowledgeable about the rules and regulations within the city limits, as well as what they could do to save our very old maple tree. Thanks to All Seasons, we will be able to enjoy our old shade tree for a few more years!
brownstorm 09/26/2012

My husband and I are very pleased with the service we received from All Seasons Tree Care. Our backyard looks amazing! John and his crew came in and took out 3 dead/dying trees and cleared out all of the grape vines. What an incredible difference. They cleaned everything up to the point where you couldn't tell that work had been performed!! Thank you John and Patty for a job well done.
RobinP3 09/26/2012

I was very pleased with my service from All Seasons Tree Care! John and Patty are real, genuinely friendly people with a well conducted business. They nicely trimmed my overgrown and dying mimosa as well as removed some of my out dated shrubbery. They even removed stumps for me that were last minute (on my part) and didn't steeply increase the price. I would recommend them to anyone! Thanks John and Patty!
danielle.westgate.9 09/24/2012

Thank you so much for rescuing my beloved Magnolia from the storm damaged suffered in last October's freak snow storm! You did a fantastic job of returning my tree to a healthier and more beautiful specimen. It means more to me than you can know to be back in my home and have had you show such care and attention to a tree that is so very special to me. You guys were wonderful to work with and so attentive to my personal concerns in saving a tree that had been neglected for so long! Thanks so much!
beth.jensen.902 09/06/2012

Excellent tree company to deal with. Had 2 large trees thinned out and other shrubs pruned. Job completed as expected and price is right. Left work areas thoroughly cleaned. Very satisfied and definitely will recommend.
barry.dieter 06/26/2012

All Seasons Tree Care is OUTSTANDING! All Seasons performed both a complete tree removal and a class 1 pruning. Both jobs were done exactly as I expected. The crew arrived on time, worked in an extremely professional manner and left the work area clean. Their price was in line with others. I highly recommend All Seasons Tree Care.
JDS2621 06/21/2012

Great company. They are prompt, do the work and clean up. You would never know they were there, except for the nice looking trees. Other tree services I called , don't call back or do so 4-6 weeks later. Highly recommend them. JD
john dobrota 05/15/2012

I use ONLY All Seasons for my tree work. They are honest when analyzing the work, accurate, clean and professional when performing the work and extremely easy to deal with. Both John and Patty make you feel like one of the family. I can agree with the other reviews saying the work is high quality and prices are competitive. Lucille, Bethlehem, PA
happywithtrees 04/28/2012

Great service! Quick, efficient and clean. They left the yard in perfect shape. Also very considerate of my dog's needs during the service.

Outstanding Work. With a large tree needing trimmed and cleared of dead branches, I decided to call All Seasons based on the recommendation of a friend. Their pricing was competitive for the work being done, and I could tell I was dealing with people I could trust to do the job right. Sure enough, the work was done quickly and exactly as discussed. I'm glad I took the referral on this one, the next time I need tree work done it'll definitely be done by All Seasons.
dengar 08/08/2011

All Seasons Tree Care are true professionals. They cut down a Hemlock Tree near our deck. We were not home when they cut down the tree and would not have known they were even there except for the fact that the tree was gone! That is how well our yard and deck were cleaned up. We are so confident in their abilities, that we have recommended them to our family and friends.
Kemmerer 06/23/2011

John and Patty of All Seasons Tree Care are a pleasure to work with. Our campground is heavily wooded with many obstacles to work through and around. John and his crew do an outstanding job with our property and leave the area spotless. Thank you both for providing us your speedy service over our past 25 years.
TohickonCampground 06/15/2011

We would recommend All Seasons Tree Care, Inc to everyone! I couldn't believe how quickly they were able to come out & get the job done. John & his crew are every bit professional & proficient. Extremely reasonably priced too! That is not a job for a do-it-youselfer. The expense far out weighs your safety & the end result! Thanks John & Patty!
TimLisa 06/10/2011

Used them twice now, good people, good prices, great work. A+A+
JCCarson 06/09/2011

Second time we've had all season take care of cutting down dead trees, they are great, fast working, and they leave no mess when they're done, not even saw dust.
mareich 06/09/2011

John and Patty are true professionals! Their price was very reasonable, their crew was outstanding, and our yard was cleaner after they were finished cutting down 15+ trees than when they started! I highly recommend you call All Seasons Tree Care for all your tree needs!
elizabethmurphy 12/07/2010

I had the pleasure of doing business with John and his crew. We had a big job that had to be done due to the threating condition of some of our trees. Being approx.100 foot tall and close to our home ,we found out that alot of the estimates we asked for from other company's informed us that they couldn't handle the job. John was the only one that detected a badly damaged tree, high up that had been attacked by woodpeckers. He removed 3 trees and trimmed approx. 8 others.Our yard was cleaner when he left then it was when he started. I would not have to get other estimates the next time I need tree work done. All Seasons is my company of choice.
lang18103 11/01/2010

The All Seasons crew removed a 55 foot caltalpa tree from our yard yesterday with great expertise and precision. It was a pleasure watching them expertly climb, manuever and manipulate the tree. Safety was never a concern for either the crew or the adjacent buildings. They left our yard clean and orderly. Great job...thank you!!
pfpfrfhf 10/14/2010

I live in the city of Allentown and was informed by the city that my tree was dying and I needed to have my tree removed. I was given a list of many providers and was fortunate enough to make the call to All Season's Tree Care. John came out and did an estimate for me which was very fair and during the job, they took great care with the removal. In addition, my sidewalk was customized around the stump and he grinded the stump without doing any damage to the concrete. Cleaned up the are perfectly and I could not be happier. If the need ever arises, All Season's will be the first call I make. I will also be glad to recommend All Season's to anyone I know who is in need of tree work.
psedler 06/14/2010

I have been using All Season Tree Care for several years now and am completely satisfied with all the work they have done. John performs the work in a timely and professional manner. I would highly recommend their services.
112stockpicker 06/02/2010

We had an 80 foot cherry tree dangerously leaning into another tree, and in risk of taking out our small barn. Certainly not a job for a rookie! Thank God we called John and Patty at All Seasons Tree Service Inc. They were professional from the start, timely, reasonably priced, and John's experienced climbing skills were put to the test. They did an excellent job, everything that they promised, I can't imagine ever using any other tree service company in the future!
scottd1 05/25/2010

Just had some work done again by this business and I called them back the second time because 2 years a go they cut down a tree and ground the stump to a pulp, literally. This spring I had them come back to take down another tree and again with very pleasing results. I told him I wanted to plant another tree in the same location and it was taken care of so another tree was planted there. Great business, does as it says, does not start the job and return days or weeks later to finish it, and totally cleans up afterwards. It's great to come home from work and not have to deal with the mess.
Ron-Sandy 05/25/2010

I have been using All Season Tree Care for many years for both work and private tree projects and John and his crew are simply the BEST! Their prices are more than fair the the quality of their work cannot be beat. I would recommend them to anyone. Mr. Roger Rasich Director of Public Works Lower Saucon Twp
pw16k10 05/25/2010

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